About Us

Phosphagenics is a research-based biotechnology company that discovers and develops new ways to enhance the delivery, effectiveness, and/or tolerability of proven pharmaceutical, consumer and animal health products. Using a proprietary drug delivery system called TPM® (Targeted Penetration Matrix), which is based on Vitamin E, Phosphagenics has developed novel and differentiated products that no other company has been able to develop. Since the founding of Phosphagenics, our team of scientists has focused on understanding and optimizing TPM®. A strong global patent portfolio, and multiple success stories across industries, have enabled us to continue growing and delivering further breakthroughs. As we move products from the bench into clinical development, and from clinical development to commercial launch, we remain focused on progressing therapeutic products that improve human and animal health.

Key Facts

Offices: Melbourne (Australia)
Number of Employees: About 20

Products Marketed by Partners

Voveran® TPM Gel (1% w/w diclofenac gel containing TPM®) by Novartis India.
Instanac® TPM Gel (1% w/w diclofenac gel containing TPM®) by Themis Medicare.
Vital ET® Biofunctional Ingredient distributed by Ashland