Le Métier de Beauté – Licensing

Le Métier de Beauté – Licensing
Phosphagenics has licensed the use of TPM® in skin care products to Le Métier de Beauté (LMDB), a prestige skin care brand based in New York. LMDB promotes the benefits of our TPM® Delivery Technology as a premium delivery system plus uses Vital ET® as a key cosmetic ingredient. Le Metier’s range of skin care products containing TPM® and Vital ET® can be found in prestigious US department stores such as Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom, as well as recent distribution through QVC. Phosphagenics has granted LMDB a non-exclusive license, and in turn receives a royalty on net sales of TPM® containing products, in addition to supplying TPM®.

Ashland – Raw Ingredients

Phosphagenics’ first major commercial agreement for the supply of raw ingredients (Vital ET®) was with Ashland Inc. (formerly ISP). The collaboration was established in 2003, and is still active. Under this arrangement, Phosphagenics manufactures Vital ET® at our manufacturing plant in Australia, while Ashland distributes the product into the North American, European, Asian and South American markets. Although it has many other applications, Vital ET® is primarily promoted as a biofunctional ingredient used in the pre-treatment / skin health phase for products targeted at Acne resolution.

Vital ET® is a natural form of stable Vitamin E comprising Tocopheryl Phosphate (a natural Phosphorylated form of Vitamin E) and Disodium Lauryliminodipropionate (a complexing agent) which has been shown to deliver more Vitamin E into human skin when compared to the form of Vitamin E commonly used in the skincare industry (tocopheryl acetate). Vital ET® takes Vitamin E one step further to make it more stable and more bioavailable resulting in a synergistic approach to adding actives to skincare (due to further absorption into the skin) as well as maximising the effect of the properties of standard Vitamin E.

Vital ET® has been clinically proven to reduce sensitive skin problems including (UV induced redness/sunburn folliculitis, tactile roughness, razor burn, skin clarity and the redness and shape of spots caused by acne)* Making it a very beneficial multifunctional skincare ingredient.

* Clinical Studies performed by ISP group © International Specialty Products.